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*** We may offer a variety of discounts at any given time; some are on-going, like the new student discount, and others may be for a limited time or for a particular group. Our teachers are all independent instructors and may or may not participate in a discount. Discounts cannot be combined.

Introductory Offer $10 for 20 Days

Introductory Offer

For those who have never taken a class at SYC with the current teachers, drop in and get to know the SYC teachers, their classes, and yoga styles. You don't have to call ahead or reserve a spot, just drop in on any class that looks interesting to you.

The first class in which you participate will start your 20 days, just let the teacher know that you want the new student discount (introductory offer). After you sign your name, email, and date to the introductory offer list and pay the $10, the teacher will sign and date your new student bookmark.

Then, when you want to attend another class, at the beginning of the class show the teacher your bookmark or let them know you're on the list and then you will be able to attend classes without further payments for a 20 day period.

Please sign in on the teachers sign-up sheet for each class attended.

Peacock from World of Gods and Goddesses, the Mystic Art of Indra Sharma (Mandala Publishing). Used with Permission.