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When considering taking a yoga class for the first time, you may have questions. We have tried to answer a number of those questions below. We have focused on topics that are relevant to new students. If you still need more information beyond what we have provided here, please e-mail Jeff at or call 916-996-5645..

The areas we have focused on are:

Selecting a Class

q What styles of yoga are offered at the Sacramento Yoga Center?

q I am not flexible, can I still practice yoga?

q I am recovering from an injury, can I still practice yoga?

q I am pregnant, can I still practice yoga?

q I am overweight, can I still practice yoga?

q I am over 50, can I still practice yoga?

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Attending a Class

q I have never been to a yoga class, where do I start and what can I expect?

q Do I need to register for my first class or can I just show up?

q What do I wear to a yoga class?

q What do I need to bring to a yoga class?

q Do I wear socks or shoes during a yoga class?

q How do I pay for my yoga class?

q How long do you recommend waiting to practice yoga after eating a meal?

q Can I drink water during my yoga class?

q I need to arrive late. Is that a problem?

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Making Yoga a Part of Your Life

q Do I have to become a vegetarian if I want to practice yoga?

q How often do I need to practice yoga in order for it to benefit me?

q I want to practice yoga regularly. How can I develop a personal practice to use at home?

q How long before I experience the benefits of yoga?

q I am ready to learn more about the philosophy and history of yoga. What are good resources for me?

q I have a very full schedule, how do I fit yoga in?

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Peacock from World of Gods and Goddesses, the Mystic Art of Indra Sharma (Mandala Publishing). Used with Permission.