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Yoga Styles

The following styles are offered through the Sacramento Yoga Center. To find out more about a particular style or class, please contact the instructor offering the course. Each instructor brings their own unique training and experience to the practice.

Adaptive YogaGentle VinyasaGong Meditation & Kundalini YogaHatha Yoga (Fundamentals; All levels)Hatha Flow & FlowHealthy Aging YogaHeartfulness MeditationKundaliniKundalini MeditationKundalini En EspañolLaughter YogaTai Chi for Arthritis & Falls Prevention

Adaptive Yoga

In this Viniyoga class, we gently move all the joints in the body while using deep breathing techniques. Designed to release tension and alleviate pain, this yoga practice improves physical and mental health - tuning body systems for improved digestion, respiration, circulation and elimination. Improve your ability to focus, while at the same time, relax both body and mind.

Taught by Mae --- On Sabbatical

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Gentle Vinyasa

Vinyasa gentle style yoga practice incorporates yogic philosophy & teachings with the physical practices of asanas and pranayama. Classes are structured to appeal to those who have never done yoga before as well as for the experienced practitioner desiring a gentle, revitalizing class. The class focuses on the mind, body, spirit connection.

Taught by Bob.

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Gong Meditation & Kundalini Yoga

The gong is a natural extension of the transformative vibrational quality of mantra, fundamental to Kundalini Yoga. Creating non-ordinary and transcendent states of consciousness by suspending the thought-producing activity of the mind, true healing on all levels is possible.

The unpredictable, non-linear, complex vibration of the gong allows deep-seated physical tension in the muscles to relax, the nervous system to be repaired, and the glandular system to become balanced. The mind relaxes and clears, relieved temporarily of the constant pressure of the mind's content. Subconscious habit patterns (including addictive behaviors) can be broken up, the chakras become open, balanced, and awakened. A link to the transcendent self can be realized.

After some lighter Kundalini Yoga and a chanting meditation, surrender to the sound of the gong, which varies anywhere between soft, pulsating tones and "build and release" cycles, in which the sound volume builds to a high level and releases with one or more "thunderbolt strikes". Be prepared for a truly wonderful and transporting experience!

Taught by Manvir.

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Hatha Yoga (Fundamentals, All Levels)

Yoga Fundamentals

An 8-week course in the foundations of yoga asana: the core poses at the base of all hatha yoga styles, and how to practice them safely, effectively, and with intention. Instruction will focus on a syllabus of 48+ poses and expressions, plus an introduction to pranayama (breath practices), and will include poses from every category of asana: standing, sitting, forward extensions, back extensions, twists, and inversions, up to and including preparations for headstand and shoulder stand. The course is progressive, with each class consolidating and building on previous ones.

"Fundamentals" is suitable for people new to yoga as well as practitioners whose previous experience is with "gym" or "flow" forms of yoga, and who would like to systematically learn the core elements of a classical yoga repertoire with an emphasis on alignment, precision, and correct use of props to make the poses accessible according to their own capacity and body shape.

Sessions are 75 minutes and follow Iyengar yoga principles of sequencing to leave students feeing refreshed, relaxed, and spacious. Enrollment is limited to 12 students to allow for individual attention to each practitioner.

Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination is required to register. If at any time you find out that you have been exposed to COVID, please take a rapid test before coming to class. Please bring your own yoga mat. Other props (belts, blankets, bolsters, and chairs) will be provided.

Taught by Liz.

Hatha Yoga - All levels

Suitable for beginning to intermediate practitioners with knowledge of the fundamentals of yoga asana

Led by Liz Vasile, RIYT-200 .

A progressive series, beginning with simplified instruction of the basic elements of each asana, and moving over time towards the more subtle aspects of the pose. Modifications will be given to accommodate students with diverse levels of experience and capacity. Familiarity with core yoga asana, safe practice, and use of props is assumed.

Sessions are organized according to the sequencing principles of Iyengar yoga. Inversions and inversion alternatives are included in all sequences; participants should be familiar with the preparatory stages of headstand and shoulder stand. Sequences will rotate each week to emphasize standing poses, forward extensions, back extensions, and restorative poses.

Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination is required to participate. If you know you have been exposed to COVID, please take a rapid test before coming to class.

Please bring your own yoga mat. Other props (belts, blankets, bolsters, and chairs) will be provided

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Hatha Flow & Flow

In her alignment-punctuated Hatha Flow and Flow classes, Carrie weaves together classical postures with creative variations aiming to bridge sound physical mechanics to subtle awareness. Through clear and nuanced cueing, she aims to provide a physically and somatically rich practice that builds from a meditative warm up and is tailored to each participant's comfort and desire for more or less challenge. The level of challenge can readily be adjusted up or down with the multiple modifications and variations Carrie suggests throughout class.

While both hatha flow and flow classes include sequences with breathing transitions from one posture to the next, her Saturday flow class will typically offer the opportunity for more vinyasas and progressions or add-ons that participants are free to incorporate to whatever degree they choose or, instead, go into meditative pause and stillness.

Carrie teaches with reverence for that which Yoga may awaken while cultivating an atmosphere that supports each practitioner in making their own discoveries.

Taught by Carrie Meyer.

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Healthy Aging Yoga

A gentle mat class for seniors utilizing props such as chair, strap, foam blocks, blankets, and bolsters to make poses more accessible. Class emphasizes awareness of body, mind and breath. Start where you are. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Proof of full COVID vaccination is required to register. If at any time you learn that you have been exposed to COVID, please take a rapid test before coming to class. Please do not come to class if you have any cold or flu symptoms. You may choose to bring your own yoga mat and towel. The studio also provides mats as well as any other props you may need.

Taught by Linda Roye.

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Heartfulness Meditation Aided by Yogic Transmission

Our journey in Yoga is to return to the purity and simplicity of consciousness at the center of our being. As we divest more and more layers, our mental and emotional state lightens progressively. The Heartfulness practices each have an important role to play in this, and most vital to the removal of impressions is the practice of deconditioning we know as Cleaning. Cleaning is complemented by Heartfulness Meditation. Over time, as a result of meditating in the morning with Transmission, we learn to absorb and carry the depths and fragrance of the meditative state with us throughout our daily activities.

What makes the Heartfulness meditation unique is the element known as yogic transmission. Transmission has been defined as the utilization of subtle energy for our transformation. Yogic transmission makes meditation truly dynamic. Add this to your individual practice and witness a quantum shift in your inner experience from day one. The best way to understand transmission is to experience it practically.

Heartfulness reflection at bedtime connects us with universal love, helping us to sleep in a deeply profound state, and allowing us to go deeper in meditation the next morning. In this class, you will be guided into all the elements of Heartfulness practice.

Taught by Artee Chandekar and NikhilChandekar.

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Kundalini Yoga

This ancient form of yoga combines active movement and stretching with many specific breathing techniques (pranayama). Facilitating circulation throughout the spinal column, exercise sets (kriyas) are combined with sound vibration (mantras), hand positions (mudras), and body locks (bhundas), in order to enhance their effectiveness. In so doing, they serve to dissolve energy blockages within the energy matrix of the body, creating a natural, meditative, blissful state of mind and openness to change.

One not need be particularly flexible or athletic to enjoy the profound benefits of Kundalini yoga; all that is required is the sincere willingness to try one's best while respecting your comfort levels and physical limitations.

Kundalini Yoga is the science and technology to unite one's finite nature with Infinity and to experience Infinity in the finite.

Taught by Manvir.

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Kundalini Yoga En Español

Estas clases son una combinación de ejercicios (kriyas y asanas), técnicas de respiración (pranayamas), concentración mental, meditación, relajación, mudras y mantras para una integración armonia de cuerpo, mente y espiritu. Son clases sanadoras, generan alegria y activan en profundos niveles de conciencia, despertando el enorme potenciál aun dormido en muchos seres humanos.

These classes are a combination of exercises (kriyas and asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas), mental concentration, meditation, relaxation, mudras, and mantras for the harmonious integration of body, mind, and spirit. These are healing classes, as they generate well-being and activiate the highest self on profound levels, awakening the enormous potential which is still dormant in most human beings.

Taught by Har Anand Kaur.

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Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga (Hasya Yoga) is an innovative wellness practice developed by Dr. Madan Kataria - an Indian physician from Mumbai - that is practiced by thousands of people all over the world. Laughter Yoga is a total health elixir that takes care of physical stress, mental stress and emotional stress all at once. There is no need for pills or pricey therapy sessions when you do Laughter Yoga! This simple yet profound practice reduces stress, boosts your immune system, improves heart health and oxygenation of your blood, helps overcome depression, decreases pain and so much more! Hasya Yoga combines unconditional laughter exercises with deep yogic breathing and includes meditation and relaxation as well. It is a super fun way to feel connected to yourself and others, and to relax. A good laugh wrings the old energy out of your body to make space for fresh, new energy, creativity and joy to flood in. You will leave a session feeling relaxed and quite energized! Laughter Yoga is also an opportunity to restore our natural states of relaxation, joy, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion, and therefore promotes world peace. Classes are open to all regardless of fitness level. Just bring a playful attitude! The more the merrier... so bringing friends is encouraged. Laughter is the best medicine after all and you'll want to share it!

Taught by Tony.

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Tai Chi for Arthritis & Falls Prevention

Safe and effective for relieving pain, while improving health and balance. Developed by a team of medical and Tai Chi experts lead by Dr. Lam, the program is endorsed by the US Arthritis Foundation and the US Center for Disease Control. View sample classes here: Taught by Mae, a requested donation for this class is $5.

Taught by Mae. --- On Sabbatical

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Peacock from World of Gods and Goddesses, the Mystic Art of Indra Sharma (Mandala Publishing). Used with Permission.